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Starting as a pallet recycler, Pallet Express has evolved into a full-service pallet supplier, providing new pallets, and re-manufactured used pallets, heat treated pallets. We have stayed true to our beginnings by being the largest pallet recycler in the region. Trust us with all your pallet supplier.

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Pallet Express offers a complete line of standard and custom size new pallets. Our new pallet service compliments our recycled pallet programs to offer every customer one stop shopping.


Pallet Express will help you with all your odd size and custom pallet needs as well. We are truly a complete pallet service provider.


Pallet Express offers our own on site heat treating kiln service. Heat treating can be done to any type of wood pallet or crate to meet your overseas shipping requirements. All done at our site for your peace of mind.


It is the spread of wood pests that led to the implementation of the ISPM-15 (International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging) treatment standard. In this method of wood sterilization, wood shipping pallets are heated until they reach a minimum core temperature of 132.8 °F for at least 30 minutes. It cannot be overstated how important heat treating pallets is for the safety of consumers. Sterilization by heat treatment looks to be the only 100% safe option for sterilizing wooden pallets for shipment. This avoids any chance of food recalls due to contamination of chemicals due to the fumigation of pallets.

The ISPM15, which is currently adopted by fourteen countries and the entire European Union, refers to any form of wood packaging material used for shipping. This international standard requires that the wood be debarked, heat treated and stamped with a mark of compliance, such as the one we add to our heat treated pallets

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We are a Pallet Supplier of New & Used Pallets, Reconditioned Pallets, Custom Made Pallets, Heat treated pallets done on site by our family owned & certified Choice One Kiln Service