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Pallet Express produces 75,000 cubic yards of landscape mulch yearly at its Upper Nazareth site. We use the absolute best colorant on the market for deep, long lasting color. We are a wholesaler, as well as a retailer and offer the lowest pricing in the region. Deliveries can be made in 110 yard tractor trailer load quantities as well as our 10 yard dump truck. Customers can stop by our store on Gun Club Road in Nazareth for any amount they choose.

5 Reasons to Mulch Your Garden

  1. Control Weeds and Pests - Mulch will block sunlight from your soil, discouraging weed growth and depending on the type of mulch you use, it can also help prevent pests from invading your garden.

  2. Maximize nutrients - Mulch will prevent rain from washing away nutrients and will also attract earthworms which help enrich your soil and create great soil structure.

  3. Moisture in your soil - Mulch will help your soil retain moisture which will help reduce your water bills, especially in the warmer months of the year.

  4. Prevent Soil Erosion - Mulch will protect your soil from washing away in the rain and mulch will naturally break down and become part of your soil over time.

  5. Improve Your Look - Mulch will give your garden a more professional look and feel and your plant will contrast nicely with the color mulch adds to your garden.

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We are a Pallet Supplier of New & Used Pallets, Reconditioned Pallets, Custom Made Pallets, Heat treated pallets done on site by our family owned & certified Choice One Kiln Service